Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I finally got internet for the first time today at CIRMA! It's really werid being reconnected with the world actually. I'm not sure if I like it. I was loving just living Antigua life, chilling with my roommates and wandering the city. I already feel at home here. I seriously have the greatest roommates. There's six girls in one house. We all have our own rooms and they all open up to this outside patio type area with a table which we sit around and talk. We all have the exact same sense of sardonic humor and never cease to crack each other up. I'm not sure how paring us together worked out so perfectly, but I'm so grateful it did. For the first day, it was just me and another roommate Michelle. We had lots of little adventures Sunday because our mama was pretty much gone all day. The town - I don't think I can describe it. It's not really 'cute' but it's very small and friendly. There's a lot to do, like places to eat and bars to go to at night. Our house mama is fantastico! She lives by herself and loves just sitting and talking with us. There is a family friend that's there all the time, too. His name is Luis and her's is Thelma - how strange right? We also have a pet tortuga named Luci. Basically, we have the greatest house and group of people. haha

Yesterday we had orientation and took a tour of Antigua. Today we had class registration during the day and this afternoon our language classes start. I'm actually waiting for my Spanish class to start right now. I'm also taking history class MW mornings and I'll be doing an internship/independent study T/TH mornings at a school, teaching. I'll probably be super busy, but that will make the fun even better

I really don't know how to describe everything other than perfect. I cannot get over the feeling of familiarity I have here. I really truly feel like I belong here, as I always do when I travel to Central America. It just all feels so comfortable. I am so happy, and its only been 3 days. I try not to think about how quickly my time will go here because my heart is going to break when I leave.


  1. You're so lucky! That's amazing. Sounds like so much fun :)
    Put up lots of pics!!! I wanna see what your housemates look like & Luci.
    I don't know what that animal is haha. I'm interested. I google imaged and found nothing but islands and a turtle or two.
    Is it a turtle?

  2. haha yeah, Luci is a turtle. I don't think I have any pictures of him yet, but I'll have to take some and post them :)