Tuesday, June 29, 2010


RAIN RAIN RAIN. I guess this is why it's called the rainy season. While I wasn't complaining when it was the reason for a class cancellation yesterday, I'm not too pleased with it being the cause of the Peten trip this weekend!! It's rescheduled for 2 weeks, but I want to see Tikal so bad! Well, that just means we have more extensive 4th of July plans this weekend. Yes, we do plan on being the crazy gringos celebrating the independence of our country in another country. We went to the market yesterday to look for bombas, but we were told you cannot buy them in Antigua this time of year (which I still think is a lie because the bombas that went off at MIDNIGHT last night had to have come from somewhere).

I finally got some pictures up on facebook, so check them out if you haven't gotten a chance to yet. I still have some more to put up, but they just take so long to upload. I'm actually getting a chance to semi-work ahead this morning so hopefully I can enjoy the rest of the week!

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