Thursday, July 1, 2010

the time of rain is finally over.

Accccctually, it's probably going to rain again like tomorrow, but it is super sunny today - just one of the many things which I'm sure is going to make today fantastic. Despite the rain, this has been a pretty good week - it's Thursday already which blows my mind because two weeks is almost over!! I prefer noooot to think about that, however. Classes have been running my life, but Tuesday night we all had a chance to go out to Cafe No Se for a few drinks mainly because the brothel was so freaking wound up that night (I swear our new maid put something in our dinners because we were all kinds of hyped up). Our bartender was English and we pretty much just hung out with him all night and offended him with our extremely vulgar conversations, as per usual.

I really really hope this weekend stays as sunny as it is now. If not, we're definitely stuck in Antigua and while I adore this city, I want to travel!! I actually have about a million more things I want to write about from this week, but I have to go fill out some paperwork for my internship so I can start teaching the little ninos next week :)

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