Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mayan lovin'

I HAVE SO MUCH TO UPDATE ON. I'm so not going to do these last two weekends justice there's just too much to tell.

I'll start with last weekend - the Peten trip. MAYAN FREAKING RUINS ALL OVER THE PLACE. I was in heaven. It was absolutely the coolest thing ever just to see all this history but get to almost be a part of it was beyond incredible. A picture's worth a thousand words right? Good, well I'm uploading like 200 pictures from that weekend so they should say enough. It almost makes me forget about to 30+ hours I spent on a bus over the course of the weekend (yeah almostttt makes me forget). Ugh, that was not pleasant, but it was more than worth it. Highlight of the trip so far - I think so. We visited three different sites over the course of the weekend and it amazed me how different each one was from the other. And then to top it all off, Monday morning, I got to go on the most amazing horseback ride through the Guatemalan jungle. Ah, it felt so good to be back on a horse again even if it only amplified the amount of pain I was in all week from climbing various temples and then riding after not having gone for a year.

In true Guatemalan style, the ride home was nothing less than eventful. Our estimated arrival time: 10-11pm. Our actual arrival time: 2am. Let's see, we got stopped on the side of a dark road outside of Guatemala City for about an hour and a half because there was some sort of road construction. Thank goodness for police escorts which meant we were able to get in front of the kilometer-long line of cars that was waiting to pass. We missed dinner so we stopped at Taco Bell (yes apparently they have those in Guate) at 12:15 am and 30 of us ordered food. Then we finally arrived to Antigua around 1:30 and we helped unload the baggage and clean the bus. I went straight to my room and passed out.

I keep getting super distracted so I'll post more later about the rest of the week, this past weekend and other various things.

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