Thursday, July 8, 2010

A poem and some reflections

Come with me and we'll sail away on a ship with butterfly sails
Or maybe we will slowly disappear on a train without any rails
We can hitch a ride on an albatross beyond life's tattered clouds
Leave far behind the hullabaloo of the ever growing crowds

We'll take a trip on a rubber raft on the river that runs uphill
Drink kickapoo joy juice and cocoanut milk until we've had our fill
I hear there's a spot on a hilltop where the trees grow upside down
Where no watches can be found, their springs have come unwound

On a ship with butterfly sails
On a train without any rails
Beyond life's tattered clouds
Away from growing crowds

We will go there with a devil may care attitude, unaware of woes
We may decide to wear something there, or maybe go without clothes
Now the Devil may care that we are bare but that's how we were born
He can stare with a 'me too' glare, all envious, sad and forlorn

Where the river runs uphill
Where we will drink our fill
The trees grow upside down
Watches have come unwound

We'll be unaware of any woes
Maybe going without any clothes
But that's how we were born
And we will promise nevermore
To live like we did before
When we awoke each frosty morn
To be sick, sad or forlorn

We can dance on starlight steps that lead to a shimmering moon
When the time arrives for us to leave, it will be way too soon
Pack up your troubles in an old kit bag and go with me awhile
We will run away, laugh and play, and smile smile smile

I found this poem on a link one of my roommates posted on my facebook wall last week (she posted it cause it has some sweet butterfly pictures on it and I of course have already informed my roomies how much I love butterflies). It's a little cheesy, but I just thinks it encompasses this trip so well. To promise nevermore to live like we have before just spoke to me in the way I always feel at the end of any of my trips. Having the opportunity to see so many different parts of the world like I have has shaped the person I am today because I never return from any trip the same. Especially in the past four years or so everywhere I have traveled has been considered the 'third world' and I am increasingly grateful for the life I live back in the states. But there is also so much about the way of life in these countries which I want to bring back to my life because these people possess something which is rare to find in the states - pure and complete joy in life. How can you have a bad start to your day when the moment you walk out the door mother earth says good morning with the smile of the sun shining over the majesty of an active volcano. Or how can you be miserable staying up til 3 am writing a paper when at 1:30 you are interrupted by a little 'trembler' (aka earthquake caused by the active volcanoes around here) which, although breaks your concentration and leaves your heart pounding a few times faster, reminds you of the amazing power of the natural world surrounding you.

When the time arrives for us to leave, I am certain it will be too soon. It always is when I leave a place I've fallen in love with, even more a place which my heart has come to call home. I'm sure I will return, but home is not created only by the place, but by the people. At the end of the month, I will never be able to return to this place in the way I've experienced it now. Now, that in a way is exciting because when I return I will get to experience something totally new and exciting, but of course it also jaded by great sadness this piece of my home will be gone forever.

On a more practical note, this weekend is finally TIKAL!!!! We leave at about 3am Saturday morning and drive for a total of like 9 hour. First, we'll stop at another site for the day and then we'll arrive in Peten Saturday night and then Sunday is Tikal time! It is going to be so fantastic and so much fun. I mean seriously could you get any better than a whole weekend of ancient Mayan ruins? This week has been so long (although it has gone by so fast) so tonight is roommate de-stress night and tomorrow we're going to go adventuring somewhere! Let the weekend begin!

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